How could psychotherapy help me?

Psychotherapy is a special kind of professional relationship.  It provides a time and place where people can explore whatever they wish.  We all have our own patterns of living and sometimes the help we can get from family or friends is not enough.  A trained therapist is aware enough of her own patterns to help a person become more aware of what might be going on, without needing to influence the person herself.

Gestalt therapy is concerned with awareness and understanding the value of the present moment, and the blocks to energy that can prevent us from experiencing our lives with fullness.  Sometimes it might be worth understanding the past, but this is not the main thrust of gestalt therapy.  As human beings we live interconnectedly, and what we feel about other people, and what other people feel about us, matters so much to us. Understanding these qualities of our relationships is a key to greater awareness, freedom and creativity.  Gestalt approaches are used in organisations to help people work together more productively.

In my work, I use creative methods when these seem helpful.  We have clay, paints, and sand trays as well as what can be communicated through our stories.   The aim is not to find out where somebody has gone wrong or made mistakes, but to understand the situation that the person is in with their relationships that matter, and to help by increasing awareness.  It is through this that people can then discover their ability to make new choices.

People have often made progress after relatively few sessions.  Like education, the experience of therapy can never be taken away from you.  Sometimes people negotiate to have a longer period of time when they can work at greater depth. 

Most people have resources, resilience, experience, friends and family who can support, and psychotherapy is an additional option when people feel stuck and would like to know more about what is going on in their situation.